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As a coach you will see the starting screen immediately after logging in. Here you will see all the courses you teach. In this article you will learn more about all the possibilities within the starting screen.

1.1 Viewing the courses you teach and adding new courses

In the starting screen you will see all the courses you teach by default. This means that when you log in for the first time, you won't see any courses in this screen. In case you notice an interesting course which you would like to teach, you can enroll. In this article we explain how you can enroll in a course.


You can also view all courses in in the catalog. Then, you are able to view all courses we offer, and can sign up for them. By clicking 'add course to my list' you can view the entire library.

That may look like this for example:

Here you see all courses, divided into different categories. You can search for courses by title or filter by profile or amount of study load. Also, you will see labels that indicate whether a course is popular or new, or is to be released soon.

1.2 Adjusting the display


The courses in the library will be displayed as tiles by default. You can also manually adjust the display to a list. You can do this by clicking the 3 dots on the right in the top of the screen, and then clicking 'Display as a list'. Of course after this you can also switch back to the tile display. If you want to do this, click 'Display as tiles'.

1.3 Details of a course

In the tile of a course you will always see the title of the course. When you click on the tile, you can view several details. For example you can read a short description, watch a trailer and click on 'learn more', where you can view qualifications, learning sets and exams. In this article we explain how the different detail displays work.


2. My students

When you look right next to 'my courses', you will see the possibility to click on 'my students'. When you do this, you will see a list of all your students. You can view their names, class, status, when they were last seen online and whether they have handed in any new assignments. Also, you can filter your students and view more personal details by clicking the name of a student. You can read more on this subject in this article.

3. My reviewing tasks

Finally, right next to 'my students' you can also click 'my reviewing tasks'. Here, you can view all your students' assignments that are ready for review. In case your students have handed in a maximum of 5 assignments, these will be shown by default. If more than 5 assignments total have been handed in, it's possible to apply a filter so you can make a selection of the assignments you would like to review. You can read more about this in this article.

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