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As a participant (student), you will be guided by a coach in each course. This coach can help you when you have questions or get stuck. Your coach also gives you feedback on the assignments you hand in. In addition, you you can select an exercise set and level.

It is important that you choose the right coach, exercise set and level. Before a coach can guide you, you must select them as your coach first. You have to do this for each individual course! Selecting the right settings kan be done in two ways.


1. At the start of a course

When you start a new course, you will see the screen pictured aboveSelect your coach here. Also select the right exercise set and the right level by clicking next. Last, click on 'Get started'. You can now start the course and let the selected coach guide you.


2. During a course

You can also change your settings during a course. Beware! When you change exercise sets or levels, your progress (if any) will possibly be lost!

To choose a coach or change coaches during a course, do as follows: 

  1. Open the course you want to choose or change a coach for.
  2. Click on the gear with 'settings' at the top right of screen.
  3. Change your coach (or exercise set or level) here.
  4. Click on 'save'.
  5. Your settings have now been changed.


Frequently asked questions

  1. The coach I want to select is not listed, what can I do?
    In this case, the coach hasn't added the course to their list yet. Ask your coach if they can still add the course anyway. After they succeeded, you can select them as your coach.
  2. Who decides which coaches I can select?
    Usually the school determines who the coaches for a certain course are. Often these are teachers, but a coach can also be a supervisor from a company for example.
  3. I have already started working on the course, but still have to select a coach. What do I do now?
    The article above explains how you can select a coach during a course. When you change coach settings, your progress will remain saved.
  4. I have chosen the wrong level by accident. Can I still change levels?
    Yes, that is possible. In the article above you can read how to do this during a course. 

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