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April 2024: Version 1.21

πŸ“ Automatie course completion

In our latest update, we're excited to introduce an automated course completion feature, building upon our previous release's manual enrollment marking capability. Now, authors can configure courses to automatically mark student enrollments as complete based on predefined triggers. 

Authors now have the flexibility to set conditions for enrollment completion, such as:

  • Approval of exams
  • Approval of specific assignments
  • Completion of 80% of the course content

This automation significantly reduces the need for manual intervention, streamlining the learning process for both students and coaches. Plus, we've addressed several user-requested features and bug fixes to enhance overall functionality and user experience:

πŸ”Ή Enable deletion of uploaded files on unsubmitted answers. 

πŸ”Ή Improved behavior when uploading files for a second attempt. 

πŸ”Ή Resolved intrusive welcome modals. 

πŸ”Ή Enhanced notification management. 

πŸ”Ή Consistent date display in exam review system. 

πŸ”Ή Accurate presentation of toolkit data. 

πŸ”Ή Improved functionality for deleting and modifying expositions. 

πŸ”Ή Better loading of external assessments. 

πŸ”Ή Streamlined student portfolio display. 

πŸ”Ή Enhanced filtering capabilities. 

πŸ”Ή Improved toolbar visibility on smaller screens. 

πŸ”Ή Added confirmation step when deleting content blocks. 

πŸ”Ή Enhanced login redirection functionality for a smoother user experience.


March 2024: Version 1.19

🏁 Manual course completion

With this new update coaches can now mark a course as complete manually. Simply navigate to a participant, and voila! You'll find the new "Mark as completed" button awaiting your command. With a click, coaches can provide comprehensive feedback on the entire course. 

For participants, completion is just a click away. Once marked as complete, they can access their results and review the feedback provided – including assessments from exams. Please note, this feature is currently available only for courses without exams, with future enhancements in the pipeline.


🐞 Bugfixes

  • Say goodbye to course information banners cluttering up the catalog of students – we've fixed that small bug.
  • We've resolved the issue with incorrect widths when setting assignment conditions.
  • We improved our decouple modal
  • Streamlining the enrollment process, we now display the most recent content sets at the top.
  • Enjoy improved spacing for a cleaner, more organized content experience.
  • Even if your time is below a minute, rest assured that the time indication for quizzes will still be visible.
  • Lastly, we've fine-tuned table width handling in the course content for optimal viewing.


Version 1.20

We added a new feature that allows academies to toggle specific features on and off. Now, academies can easily enable or disable the portfolio feature as needed.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Resolved an issue with filtering on the review work tab for coaches.
  • Enhanced scrolling behavior when opening a modal.
  • Improved the display of empty toolkits.
  • Fixed the edit collection link in the quick action menu in the admin section
  • Set a minimum score of 0 when assigning a grade 
  • Enhanced result display based on whether the student passed or failed 
  • Fixed numerous page links when a coach is reviewing a sample set 


March 2024: Version 1.18

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Mentorship!
In this new release, we've given makeover to what was once known as the "Point of Contact" or "Aanspreekpunt" in the platform – introducing the all-new role of Mentor! As a student, you now have the power to select a mentor in your account settings. This chosen mentor, a coach from the same organization, not only gains a comprehensive overview of your progress but also wields the ability to switch coaches for each enrollment. 

πŸ—‚οΈ Sneak Peek into Catalog Management (Internal Beta) Hold onto your hats because we're offering you an exclusive glimpse into catalog management, although it's still in its internal beta stage. This feature introduces the first views, paving the way for seamless catalog organization. We're first ensuring that all configurations and pricing strategies work flawlessly before the official release.



Say goodbye to bugs and hello to a more vibrant and efficient platform! πŸš€

🐞 No more scratching your head over incorrectly configured blocks! We now provide a crystal-clear indication when the block is incorrectly configured, solving the 'empty blocks' not filled in problem. 

🐞 The issue of fast admins finding themselves on the wrong screen when trying to access course content has now been fixed, as well as a better functioning of the SCORM content pages, ensuring a smoother experience. 

🐞 Quizzes can now be added within a subject.

🐞 We now hide the progress bar if a course does not have any XPs.

🐞 In the editing realm, we ensured that the correct metadata is displayed. 

🐞 There is now no difference between editor and student view, making columns during editing consistent. 

🐞 Cards now gracefully break their words to keep everything readable. 

🐞 The link 'back' in the Notifications view is now securely in place. 

🐞 We enhanced the Rekenen login and open course system.


February 2024: Version 1.17

Enhance your academic experience with improved sharing, file uploads, and portfolio usability! NP: This is not enabled by default for academies, so it is a custom ability for some.

The portfolio and exposition views have received a facelift, featuring enhanced aesthetics, additional filtering, and search options. Introducing a new sharing optionβ€”make your exposition accessible to anyone within the same academy, allowing you to effortlessly share with classmates and teachers!



🐞 Ability to enroll in archived sets, if there's progress in the set

🐞 Say goodbye to buggy (theory) assignmentsβ€”Reinand has worked magic!

⏸️Opt-in for 'answer turned in' notificationsβ€”because your control matters!

🐞 Permissions revamped for secure quiz answer results access


Version 1.17.1

🐞 Avatars & banners upload glitches? Fixed seamlessly by Bram!

ο»ΏπŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Rutgers adds an artistic touch, elevating the Avatar icon!

🐞René ensures clarity with a confirmation message fix in the admin panel language section.

🐞 Bram strikes again, perfecting account permissions to eliminate invalid combinations.

December 2023: Version 1.14

🎁 Better late than never! Unwrap these post-Sinterklaas presents:

🎴 Stunning Course Content Redesign After a bit of anticipation, we're thrilled to unveil the revamped course content page! With this update, you will find that the assignment card grid has been restyled, offering enhanced clarity without the distraction. The course title takes center stage, and the modernized progress bar adds a touch of sleekness. A visual treat courtesy of Mathijs R. & Viktoria!

πŸ‘“ File Previews to Save the Download Frenzy Coaches, rejoice! Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading every student file. Now, with our latest release, you can preview .docx, video, image, and .pdf files directly in a modal. No more cluttering up your download folder! While we've got your back on most file types, be cautious with docx files – the preview formatting might throw a surprise party different from the actual document.

Cheers to a clutter-free and preview-packed experience! πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰


🚨 Bug Squashing Extravaganza!

🐞 Enhanced File Stability and Avatar Awesomeness Thanks to the wizardry of Matthijs Beeke, uploaded files are now more stable overall, and Mathijs Rutgers ensures that avatar images automatically resize to a sleek width of 150px.

🐞 Text Touch-Ups and Video Victory René sprinkled some linguistic magic over the sample set coach overview, while Mathijs Rutgers made the download link in the exam progress work like a charm, especially for videos.

🐞 Content Editing Champions RenΓ© steps in to ensure we handle unsaved changes like pros when editing content in the content editor. And Mathijs Rutgers sweetens the deal – now, when you upvote an idea on the "Give Feedback" button, you get some immediate feedback!

🐞 Reliability in Assignment Submission The submit button for assignments now reliably graces the coach and admin side (but wisely hides during editing).

πŸš€ Version 1.14.1: Vonk Academy Rejuvenation Mathijs R. takes the stage to fix the purchase system for Vonk Academy, ensuring smooth transactions. He also tweaks the styling of buttons with only one icon for that extra visual finesse.

🌐 Steadfast Course Content Loading and App Integration Frans Piter works his magic to make the content of courses load more stable, preventing assignments from triggering unnecessary reloads. Mathijs R. ensures that external apps' assignments now join the party.

πŸ”„ Reload Be Gone and Slider Success Frans Piter banishes reload bugs in the Rekenen embed, while Mathijs R. and Frans Piter collaborate to fix the slider content block in the course editor.



November 2023: Version 1.12.0

πŸ–‡οΈ A new way to add content: SCORM

In the past month we have been working on some important structural changes. First, we added a new way to import content on our platform. Of course we support and tend to improve our own content writing system, however, we now have a full support for SCORM packages.

A SCORM package is a kind of zip file that includes all code and information for an entire e-learning. Within this release, it becomes possible to add a course that simply opens that e-learning. As an author, you will see this option when you create a new course before you add a content set. There, you can choose between adding content sets (and using the authoring capabilities of our platform to add content), or to add a SCORM package as content.

Students will enroll as they normally would, but after that will be sent to a page where they can see the content of the e-learning. We try to provide as much insight into these courses for the coaches as well, however, those functionalities are limited due to the possibilities of SCORM.

And we can share a little teaser already: we will add a second use case for SCORM very soon!


🈸 Improved multilingual support

Next tot that, we also have been working hard to improve our language capabilities on the platform. This means we can now support more different languages and, in limited and specific conditions, can change specific texts within an academy.

This was, for the most part, a structural update where we improved our handling of languages. With that, we are ready for a future where we can provide a lot more users with an understandable platform!



:eye: Review work now includes quizzes on the coach dashboard as well

🐞 Stability of the uploaded answers is improved once more

🐞 Studyflow will now always be loaded properly, regardless reaction speed of the different servers (was already hotfixed earlier)

🐞 Correct answer can now be selected on the multiple choice question again

🐞 Overflow issue of the assignment conditions modal is now fixed. So it is possible to select conditions on small screens again


Version 1.13

Two feature releases in one month? That's right! And guess what? The excitement doesn't stop there – there's a whole lineup of new updates still in the pipeline!

πŸ–‡οΈ SCORM Content Block Unleashed! In our latest release, we've updated your course creation experience. Now, not only can you add SCORM packages to your academy's catalog, but you can seamlessly integrate them within existing courses! This means, you can add a SCORM package to a course and select a specific chapter to be made within that SCORM package for an assignment. You can do this by adding the β€˜SCORM’ content block in the course editor. No need to double-upload – these packages are course-linked for your convenience.

πŸ—³οΈ New Feedback Modal Discover our new feedback modal that lets you share your feedback effortlessly. Found under the account submenu, just select 'Give Feedback' from any page. There you can give thumbs up for existing ideas, provide extra suggestions on those ideas or send in an entirely new idea. It's all seamlessly connected to our partner, "Productlane," for gathering and implementing new feedback.


In the spirit of constant improvement, we've squashed a few bugs:

🐞 Coaches are gently nudged to transfer students rather than defaulting to the 'abandon students' option (Cheers to Mathijs R. for the heads-up!)

🐞 Translations causing course hiccups are now history, as we fixed the bug preventing courses from opening (Kudos to René for the eagle-eyed spot!)



October 2023: Version 1.11

❓ Adding quizzes to courses

We are happy to introduce an exciting new feature on our platform: the power to seamlessly incorporate quizzes into your courses. This latest release empowers course authors to enrich their content by adding quizzes as interactive cards (that looks the same as a β€˜subject’) that seamlessly blend with the course material.

Here are some key highlights:

Flexibility: Students have the freedom to close a quiz page and return to it later, with all their progress saved up to that point. There's no need to worry about losing their work. There's no option to 'stop' the quiz prematurely.

Time Tracking: We track the duration between starting and completing a quiz. This information is presented alongside the quiz results, offering a comprehensive view of a student's performance.

Instant Feedback: For quizzes consisting solely of 'closed' questions, students will receive their scores immediately upon completion. However, if the quiz includes any 'open' questions, a coach will assess those responses first.

Review Options: After completing the quiz, students can revisit their answers for further reflection, enhancing the learning experience.

Streamlined Review Process: Coaches can easily access and evaluate quizzes in the 'review' tab. Clicking on a review item loads all 'open' questions, streamlining the assessment process.

Please note that this release introduces several new concepts, and we are committed to refining and expanding these features to enhance their consistency and ease of use. Expect more functionality and improvements to come as we continue to enhance your experience.


🐞 We've addressed a pesky bug that was affecting the stability of our answer forms. You can now confidently input your answers into our platform without worry.

πŸ“ˆ Enjoy a noticeable boost in the stability and speed of forms and input fields across our entire application.

πŸ“ˆ We've enhanced the stability of file uploads, ensuring a smoother experience for our users.

πŸ“ˆ Say goodbye to hiccups in drag and drop exercises, as we've fine-tuned their stability for a more seamless learning journey.

🐞 Coaches will appreciate the improved styling of the review form, making their work more efficient and visually pleasing.

Behind the scenes, we've made these important backend fixes:

🐞 Rest easy knowing that the student's overview export is back in action, allowing for the creation of general overview exports.

🐞 The academy backend now supports pagination for orders overview, enabling you to navigate through multiple pages effortlessly.

🐞 We've put an end to unnecessary attempts to send PreRegistrationProcessableMailable when there's no PreRegistration in the order fulfillment process.


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