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Before a participant starts the exam, as their coach you check a randomly generated sample of their handed-in assignments. It is not mandatory to check any of the assignments of the participants during the course, you can use the sample to determine whether the participant has sufficient mastery of the material.


Please note: The sample is therefore not part of the exam process, but precedes it. You can view and assess the sample as follows:


  1. Go to 'My participants'.
  2. Click the name of the participant you want to check, then click the title of the learning program in question.
  3. To the right of 'Portfolio', click 'Exams'.
  4. When the participant has completed 80% of the learning program, a sample is automatically generated. If this does not apply, you can start the sample manually by clicking the 'Draw sample manually →' button. A condition for this is that the participant has submitted at least 3 assignments in the learning program as a whole, and at least one assignment for each theme.

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  5. The sample will usually consist of about 6 assignments, depending on the number of assignments submitted by the participant. Click the blue 'Start assessment' button at the bottom of the assignments. You can also click on the title of an assignment to review and grade it.

    Please note: the assignments in the sample are separate from the regular assignments. It is therefore possible that you have already assessed an assignment within the portfolio, but that you have to assess it again in the sample.

  6. After viewing an assignment, you can reject or approve the assignment at the bottom of the screen. You can also add some student feedback to the assessment. Then click on 'Save review'. As long as you are still assessing the sample, you can change the assessment.
  7. Then click on 'Next assignment' to grade the next assignment in the sample.
  8. Once all assignments have been assessed, two buttons appear below the sample: 'Reject sample' or 'Approve sample'. If you reject the entire sample, the participant will be notified. They can then view the relevant assignments and read any feedback.
  9. With a rejected sample you can generate a new sample. This sample will contain other assignments than the ones you have just graded. If the student has not submitted enough assignments, you will receive a notification. In that case, the student would have to hand in more assignments, so that you can still generate a new sample. Via the drop-down menu at the top, you can see an overview of the total number of samples and their status.
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  10. Once you have approved the entire sample, you can then release the exam. As soon as you have released the exam, the student has immediate access to the exam.


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