For coaches

Here you read everything about the functionalities in the coach panel.

Starting a course

  • Adding an external evaluator to an assignment

    It is possible to have the assignments submitted by your partic...

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  • Editing learning routes

    As a coach, you can choose to edit the learning path of a learn...

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  • Participant environment

    If you are a coach, you can switch between the coaching environ...

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  • The starting screen

    As a coach you will see the starting screen immediately after l...

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  • (Un)enrolling in a course

    Basically as a coach you will have access to all the courses in...

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  • Course details

    As a coach, you will always see the title of a course on the ti...

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During a course

  • Course completion (coaches)

    Some courses on the platform are concluded with an exam, but th...

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  • Printing an overview of a content set

    When working with a group of participants on a learning program...

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  • Coach dashboard

    When you log in as a coach, you will see, on the left sid...

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  • Choosing a layout for your learning set

    As an admin, when creating your own learning set, you can choos...

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  • Export participant portfolio - coach

    As a coach, you can create an export of all the assignments sub...

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  • Mentorship - coaches

    Participants can choose different coaches for different course...

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The exam

  • The sample check

    Before a participant starts the exam, as their coach you check ...

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