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When you click on your name at the top right of your screen once you have logged in, multiple menu options will appear. Here, you can for example view your account details and renew your subscription. 


Personal data

When you select 'account details', you will see the following screen:


Here, you will find your name and e-mail address. You can't adjust everything yourself. Is something in the data incorrect? Contact your school or educational institute first. It's likely that your data have already been correctly registered here. Is it not possible to solve something with the help of your school or educational institute? Then contact us

Furthermore, you can change the language settings of the platform. At the moment we support only Dutch or English. Possibly in the future other languages will be added. Please note: the language settings only affect the menu's and navigation of the platform. The content of the courses will still be displayed in it's original language! However, certain courses there are learnings sets available in English.

My purchases

When you click on 'My purchases', you can view the details of your subscription. Here, you will find a status and expiration date for your subscription. You can also renew or extend. your subscription here, as every user of the platform needs a valid subscription to be able to use it. This subscription can only be purchased directly through us. In this article we explain all different ways to purchase a subscription.

Please note! It's possible that the 'Purchases' function has been disabled for you.



In the 'Notifications' settings you can set your preferences in what you would, and what you wouldn't like to receive notifications of. The possibilities differ between coach and participant.


Signing out

Finally, you can click on 'Sign out' in the menu on the top right. This will sign you out of the platform.


Frequently asked questions

  • Can a coach also view the status of their participants' subscription?
    Yes, that is possible! To view these data, select the participant in question in your list, and on the top right click on 'More'.

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