Here you read everything about logging and navigating within the platform, and about (taking out) subscriptions

Login and navigation

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    What is two factor authentication? Two-factor authentication (2...

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  • General overview of the learning platform

    When you start working with our online learning platform for th...

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  • View account details

    When you click on your name at the top right of your screen onc...

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  • Set notifications

    When you're logged in, you'll see the first letter of your name...

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  • Subscription status

    When you are logged in you will see your name at the top right....

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Technical support

  • Deleting cookies

    Technical issues can often be resolved by clearing the cookies ...

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  • Opening an incognito window

    It may happen that the support department asks you to open an i...

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  • How can I solve technical issues?

    In case you encounter any (technical) problems while using the ...

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  • How do I save an online article as a PDF-file?

    You can always access our articles on our online support page. ...

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  • How do I print an online article from my browser?

    You can always access our articles on our online support pag...

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  • How do I install a read-aloud extension in Google Chrome?

    To have the content of our learning programs read aloud, you...

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