Choosing a mentor

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You can choose different coaches for different learning programs. You can also select one person as a mentor. Consider, for example, your mentor within your course, your study supervisor or a manager. Your mentor can see which learning program you are working on, how many XP's you have achieved for that learning program and who your coach is.

Please note: a mentor is not the same as a coach, this person does not have access to your assignments and exams. Read more about selecting a coach in the article 'Choose your coach, exercise set and level' under For participants > Starting a course.

Selecting a mentor

1. Go to 'My account' by clicking on the first letter of your name at the top right of your screen. 
2. Click on 'My mentor', next to 'My details'. 
3. Click on 'Change mentor'. 
4. Select the name of the person you want to set up as a mentor. 
5. Then click 'Save'.





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