For participants

Here you read everything about taking courses on the platform.

Starting a course

  • Choosing a mentor

    You can choose different coaches for different learning program...

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  • (Un)enrolling in a course

    As a student you basically have access to all the courses we of...

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  • Choose your coach, learning set and level

    As a participant (student), you will be guided by a coach in ea...

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  • The structure of a course

    Before you get started with a course, you must add it to your l...

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During a course

  • Using the toolkit and glossary - participants

    For most courses, a glossary is available. Some courses also in...

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  • Giving a pitch

    In various assignments on All You Can Learn, you may be asked t...

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  • Main portfolio and expositions - participants

    Do you want to view all of your submitted work? You can find it...

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  • Course completion (participants)

    If a course does not have an exam, your coach determines when y...

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  • How do I write a report?

    In several assignments you receive the task to write a report a...

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  • How do I create a vlog?

    Vlogs, short for video-blogs, are everywhere nowadays. Mainl...

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