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For most courses, a glossary is available. Some courses also include a toolkit that can be used as a tool while completing the exercises.


1. The toolkit

For some courses, a toolkit is available that contains various files, such as fillable PDFs or videos, that you may need to complete the exercises in the course. You can find the toolkit in the menu in the upper left corner of the exercises page after opening the course. The button to access the toolkit is highlighted in red below.


2. The glossary

Most courses contain a glossary that includes difficult words that are important for the subject of the course. The meaning of these words is explained in the glossary. You can view the glossary separately by clicking on the button in the menu in the upper left corner of the exercises page. The button to access the glossary is highlighted in red below in the image.

In the exercises themselves, sometimes a term is used that is included in the glossary. You can click on the term to immediately read its meaning. The terms are bolded, underlined, and colored. An example is shown below. Please note: this is example is in Dutch.


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