Adding an external evaluator to an assignment

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It is possible to have the assignments submitted by your participants evaluated by an external evaluator. This could be another teacher, a supervisor, or another participant. The external evaluator does not need their own license for the platform and does not need to log in.

This article does not cover external evaluators for exam assignments.


How do you add this to an assignment?

To involve an external evaluator in an assignment, it is necessary to first create your own learning set so that you can modify the assignments. If you already have your own learning set, you can add this feature to an assignment without any extra steps. In this article, you can read in chapter 1 how to create your own learning set.


If you already have your own learning set, you can add this feature to an assignment without any extra steps.


  1. Within your own learning set, click on 'Edit content'. Now you can open an assignment in the course editor. Select the assignment to which you want to add an external grader.
  2. Click on 'More settings' and then on 'Details'. In the window that now appears, you can check that an external assessor should be allowed access.
  3. Once you have checked 'External assessment', you can click on the blue button at the bottom right of this window, 'Edit component'. It is now possible to share the assignment and the submitted work with an external grader.


The owner of this email address will receive an invitation to evaluate the assignment. By clicking on the link in the email, the external evaluator will see the assignment and the submitted work. Then the assignment can be approved or rejected, and feedback can be given.

What is the practical use of this?

Here are some examples of how you can use this functionality:

  • Your participant is doing an internship while taking an elective course. In an assignment, a student must apply specialized knowledge acquired during the internship. You want to involve the internship supervisor in evaluating the assignment based on their expertise.
  • You want to have students review each other's work.
  • Your students are attending a field trip as part of an assignment you have added to the curriculum. You want the guest lecturer to evaluate the work that was done.

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