Editing learning routes

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As a coach, you can choose to edit the learning path of a learning program. This allows you to change the order in which assignments are presented. You can also add conditions, such as a certain assignment only becoming available when the participant first completes another assignment.


Start editing the learning route

Open a learning program and go to the 'Assignments' tab. Check that you have the right learning set for you. In most cases, this will be the current or upcoming school year. When in doubt: choose the learning set of the school year in which your students are working or will be working.

At the top right of the table with assignments you see three dots. If you click on this, the option 'Edit learning route' will appear. You will then see a window with a short explanation and a warning. Click on the blue 'Edit learning route' button to make final adjustments. You can then make alterations to the learning route.


Changing the order of the assignments

To the right of each chapter and each assignment you see two symbols: a gear and six dots. By clicking and holding the six dots, you can drag assignments or entire chapters, so that you can adjust the order in which the assignments are presented. You can change the order of the assignments within a section, but you can also move assignments to another section.



Adding conditions

First choose the chapter or assignment that should only be available to your students after completing another chapter or assignment. By clicking on the gear there you get two options: 'Add conditional' and 'Edit assignment/part'. Click "Add condition."


When determining the conditionality, you can indicate that a certain assignment or a full chapter must first be completed before the participant can start the assignment to which you add the conditionality. In other words: you can 'lock' an assignment or item until the participant has completed a previous assignment/item.


You will also see the option 'Edit assignment' or 'Edit chapter' in the menu, as shown in the image above. When you click on this, you will adjust the learning set. More about this at the bottom of this article.


Making an entire chapter conditional to another chapter or assignment

When you have clicked on 'Add condition' a small menu will appear in which you can choose which assignment/chapter you want the participant to complete first before the conditional assignment closes. To make an entire chapter conditional, first click the title of the item, then click "Whole [chapter name]" in the menu.



Making a single assignment conditional to another assignment or chapter

The actions are the same as with making an entire item conditional, but instead of clicking "Whole [chapter name]," click the name of the assignment.




Editing or removing conditions

It is possible to remove or adjust a condition. To do this, click on the gear icon next to the assignment of which you want to change or remove the conditionality. You will now see the option 'Edit condition'. You can specify a different condition or remove the condition by clicking on the red trash can.



What is the difference between modifying a learning set and modifying a learning route?

When you adjust a learning route, the content of the learning set remains the same. While adjusting the learning route, you will see that you also have the option to edit a component or assignment. When you get started with this, you will notice that the platform immediately asks you to save your learning set under a different name. This is because at that time you will be making substantive adjustments to the teaching material. More information about editing learning sets can be found here.




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