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As a coach, you will always see the title of a course on the tile of a course. When you click on the tile you can view various details.


Under the heading 'My participants' you can see which participants have selected you as a coach for the course. You can view how many new assignments the participant has submitted, which class he or she is in, the status of the progress and when the participant was last online.

Then click on the participant's name and then on the title of the course to view his or her completed assignments and exams. You will first automatically see the participant's portfolio. Here you can view all submitted assignments, both graded and ungraded. In addition, the red bar shows how many assignments of the total have been submitted. As soon as you click on the title of an assignment, you can grade it. Note: you can also assess via 'My assignment reviews'. Read more about this in this article.

As soon as you click on 'Exams' you can view how much progress the student still needs to start the exam, or view the exam work if it has already been submitted.

2. Assignments

Next to the heading 'Participants' you will see 'Assignments'. Here you can view the titles of the chapters and assignments in the course. Right next to the title of the assignment you can see how many XP the participant can earn by completing this assignment. By clicking on the assignment, you can view the core tasks & processes, knowledge & skills and notes for the coach, if any.

In addition, by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of the assignments, you can copy and edit your own learning set. This allows you to edit the content to your own interpretation. Read more about this in this article. Finally, you can click on 'Show participant view'  which allows you to view the assignments from the view of a participant.


3. Toolkit

Underneath the tab 'Toolkit' you will find an overview of files that can be useful for participants when completing the assignments in the course. These files are also visible to them. It can for example be fill-in-the-blank templates or practical examples they can use.

4. Exams

Does the course include an exam? Then you will find all files related to the exam underneath this tab. You can download them and view them from here. Does the course not contain an exam (yet)? Then you will be notified of this in this screen.

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