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The platform provides the opportunity to tailor a learning program to your teaching style. You can also add quizzes to your course so that your participants can test their knowledge, and you can monitor their progress.

How do I add a quiz to a course?

First, you need to make a copy of the original course since it's not possible to modify the included content set. You can learn how to create your own content set by copying the standard content set here.

After giving your custom course a name, you can modify its content, including adding quizzes. To do this, click on 'Add Content' in the Course Editor.


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Next, you can choose to add a quiz.


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Once you've selected 'Quiz,' you can give the quiz a title and write an introduction. You can set the amount of XP a participant needs to earn to pass the quiz. You can also set a time limit and add an image as a thumbnail. After configuring these settings to your liking, you'll return to the course overview.


Building a quiz

In the overview, click on the three dots next to the quiz and select 'Edit Quiz.' You can then immediately add questions and information to the quiz by clicking on 'Add Content.'


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If you want to organize your quiz with information and questions grouped by theme or topic, click on 'Add Topic.' After naming your topic, you can add questions and blocks of information within it.


When adding information or a question to the quiz, specify the title and how many XP points that section is worth. You can also add qualifications and notes for coaches working with this course. You can add text and other elements afterward. So, you determine the position of a question or a piece of information in your quiz before creating the content.


To structure your question, click on it in the overview and click 'Add Block' in the next screen. You can then add various elements, such as images, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions. Note that you must always add an element that allows the participant to provide an answer, such as specifying the correct options for multiple-choice/select questions or by adding an open question or file upload. If you only want to provide information to the student, choose 'Information' when adding content from the overview.


Setting XP and Scores

As mentioned earlier in this article, a student can earn XP points in an quiz, and you, as a coach, determine how many. You can specify how many XP points a student can earn for each question. Additionally, you can determine what percentage of the total XP points a student needs to pass the quiz. Remember to enter a percentage, not a fixed number of XP points unless you are building an quiz worth exactly 100 XP. You can set the percentage at the beginning, but you can always adjust it later by finding your quiz in the course and clicking 'Edit Details.'


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You can include both open-ended and multiple-choice questions in an quiz. If you choose to include only multiple-choice questions, students will immediately receive their scores at the end. If you also incorporate open-ended questions, the score will only be available to the students after you have graded their answers.




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