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Do you have many linked participants from different classes? Then it can be nice to be able to see in which class each participant is. How to add a class to each participant and sort by it is explained in this article.

  1. Go to your list of participants and select the participant to whom you want to add a class. 
  2. As soon as you click on the participant, you will see which courses they are enrolled in.
    Click on any title of a course. You will be redirected to the portfolio that this participant has in that course. You will see 'Settings' in the top right corner.
  3. In the white field under 'Class:', you can enter the class code of the participant. You can then click anywhere else on your screen and the entered class will be saved. If you teach the student in multiple courses, you don't need to specify this multiple times, because you can only enter one class code per participant. When you access the profile of the participant from another course, you will see the same class code under 'Settings' there.
    When you go back to your list of participants, you will see that the class code has been added.

By using the arrows next to the 'Class' heading in your list of participants, you can sort by class.




You can also choose to group your participants. You can then give each group a class name so that you can easily filter by the correct group using the filter function. You don't have to fill in a class for each participant in that case.


Read more about grouping your participants here.


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