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Participants can choose different coaches for different courses. Additionally, one person can be selected as a mentor, who can also be a study supervisor or manager. Participants can contact the mentor with questions, and the mentor has the ability to manage students and monitor progress.

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

Mentor functionalities are now available on every coach account, but being a coach does not automatically make you the mentor of your participants. The connection between coach and participant remains the backbone of the platform, but utilizing the mentor function makes it easier to maintain an overview of a group of participants.


Action Coach Mentor
View Progress Yes Only globally (XP bar)
Grade Assignments Yes No
Release Exam Yes No
Evaluate Exam Yes No
Group Students Yes No
Archive Students Yes Yes
View Student Subscription Status No Yes
Transfer Participants to Another Coach Only per learning program when unenrolling Yes, individually
Identify Primary Coach Yes Yes

You can see that the daily guidance of the student lies with the coach since only they can review the submitted work. However, the mentor can observe if a student is making sufficient progress to timely determine if additional guidance is needed. The mentor can also select another coach for the student, which can be useful if a coach suddenly becomes unavailable. In such cases, the mentor can handle the transition without individually approaching the students, streamlining the process.


How do I become a mentor for a participant?

The participant must choose you as their mentor. They can do this by going to 'My Account' in the account menu at the top right and then navigating to the 'My Mentor' tab. Clicking on 'Change Mentor' allows them to browse the list or use the search function to select the right coach as their mentor.






How does it work?

Viewing Mentor Participants

Using the main menu on the left (three horizontal lines), you can find the table with your mentor participants.



You'll see a table with all your mentor participants, displaying the learning program(s) they are enrolled in, their coach, earned XP, and subscription expiration date. You can also check the status of their exams, allowing you to intervene if a student falls behind in an optional module.



Linking Mentor Participants to Another Coach

The coach for a student may vary for each learning program, so you adjust this for each program. Clicking on a participant shows all the learning programs they are enrolled in. You can then click on the three dots on the right side of the table to modify the coach for that program.



From the Participant's Perspective:

It's beneficial for the participant if you enter your contact information on your account because it appears in the main menu on the left when a participant selects you as their mentor. You can do this under 'My Account,' via the menu at the top right. Participants can then see your contact details in their account and quickly get in touch with you for any questions.



By instructing participants to appoint a mentor, you can keep track of their progress in the optional module and intervene if something goes wrong. You can also immediately identify if a participant is without a coach and take action by assigning the student to a coach without relying on support department assistance.

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