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There are various ways to find and view the assignments that your participants submit on the platform. Depending on your working method and the needs of your participants, you can approach this in your own way.


Via 'My Review Work'

This is the most obvious way to review assignments. When you log in, you immediately land on your coach dashboard. At the very bottom, you will see the table 'My Review Work'. You can click on the tabs 'Exam', 'Samples', and 'Assignments'. By clicking on submitted work, you go directly to that specific assignment and can see what the participant has submitted/completed.


Via your notifications

On your dashboard, you will see a small bell in the top right corner, sometimes with a number next to it, and on the right side, you will also see your notifications on your coach dashboard. Your notifications include not only submitted assignments but also other alerts. This route is especially useful if you frequently review work and intensively guide a small number of participants. You will see the latest submitted work, but if you are inactive on the platform for a while, your notifications can quickly accumulate.




Via 'My Courses'

If you first click on a course, you will only see the participants you are guiding within that course, per learning set. This method is particularly useful if you are intensively guiding a group of students who are all working on the same assignments. You can immediately see if a student is falling behind the group and intervene if, for example, you want to conduct an assignment with the entire class.




Via 'My Participants'

When you go to 'My Participants' from the main menu, you can click on a student and immediately see their progress in all the courses you are guiding them in. You can then click through to that participant's portfolio and see the status of all assignments within a course that the participant is working on. This view is particularly suitable if you want to intensively guide a specific participant.

When working from 'My Review Work' or from a specific participant, you can select assignments. A 'Review' button will appear. When you start reviewing, the next assignment will immediately appear as soon as you complete one.




When you approach the assignments from 'My Review Work', you have the option to filter the submitted work in various ways. For example, you can choose to only look at assignments within a specific course. You can also see your linked colleagues and, for example, only filter your own participants, or only the participants of a colleague who has linked to you. It is also possible to filter by certain categories of assignments.

nakijkwerk filteren - EN.gif


When you click on an assignment, the detail view of the assignment opens. This looks approximately as shown below.


This view matches the participant's view. You can read the entire assignment, which can help you in your assessment. If you prefer not to see the assignment description, you can disable it using the 'show assignment description' toggle at the top left of the assignment.

With the 'Next' button, you can click through to the last part of the assignment. At the bottom left, you can then download the participant's submitted work.

With the 'Work Processes' and 'Knowledge & Skills' tabs next to 'Submitted Work', you can see which core tasks, work processes, and knowledge & skills the assignment is linked to. You can use these as a basis for assessing the assignment.

You can assess the assignment by clicking on 'Reject' or 'Approve'. Optionally, you can also add feedback for the participant. Are you done reviewing? Then click 'Save Review'. You can then choose to modify the review or complete it. The participant can now view your given review and any feedback in their environment.



Viewing Previous Versions

You might reject an assignment and the participant may need to submit an improved version. In such a case, it can be helpful to compare different versions and read back your feedback on the rejected version. At the top right, you will see the submission date of an assignment. If there are multiple versions, it will be highlighted, and you can click on it to select a version. You can then view your previous review and read back any earlier feedback.



Participant View

The participant can view your given review and any feedback in their environment. The participant will immediately see whether the assignment is approved or rejected. When an assignment is approved, it looks something like this:



Have you also given feedback? Then the participant can view this feedback by clicking on the assignment. In the bar that shows whether the assignment is approved or rejected, the participant can also click on 'comments'. Here, the given feedback will then appear.

Is an assignment rejected? Then the participant may redo and resubmit the assignment. When the participant submits a new file, the status of the assignment changes back to 'submitted'.


Frequently asked questions

  • There is a lock on executing the actions, how can this be resolved?
    If you cannot execute actions, it is because you do not have a valid subscription. Contact the person in your organization who arranges the subscriptions.

  • Are there answer keys available for the courses?
    No, we do not have documents with answers to the (questions in the) assignments. For many assignments, there is not just one correct answer; the focus is on the process and the participant's interpretations. However, each assignment is linked to certain work processes and knowledge and skills. These can be used as a basis for assessing the completed assignment. Some assignments also have a 'teacher's instruction' that provides some guidance.

  • In the sample review, my previously given reviews are not displayed, why is this?
    It is true that in the sample review, you do not see previous reviews. This is necessary because the sample is a completely separate component. The sample aims to (extra) verify whether the participant is ready for the final assignment. Since some coaches choose not to review assignments throughout the course, we use the sample as the last check before the participant can start the final assignment. Read more about the sample in this article.

  • Do I need to review an assignment before my participant receives XP points?
    No, this is not necessary. XP points are automatically awarded upon submission of an assignment. If you, as a coach, review and reject the assignment, the XP points are deducted.


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